How to remove Skype ads

In Skype 6.10, Microsoft implemented a very annoying feature in Skype: banner ads. This tutorial will show you how to disable them.

1) Disable promotions

Skype Promotion Banner
Skype Promotion Banner

Promotions are little banners that show in the lower left corner of Skype window, under contacts list. You can turn them off or on at any time.

Step 1. Go to Tools -> Options -> Notifications.

Skype Options - Alert & Messages
Skype Options – Alert & Messages

Step 2. Click Alert & Messages and uncheck Help and Skype tips and Promotions.

Step 3. Restart Skype.

That’s it! There is nothing more to do to disable promotions. Enjoy more contact list space!

2) Disable ads

There are 3 ways to disable them: via Internet Options in Windows, by changing hosts file and by changing Skype language file. First way works only for Windows, while the second and third work for all systems.

Keep in mind that that you won’t be able to use Skype Updater or access if you change your hosts or disable sites via Internet Options.

1) Via Internet Options

If you are using Windows 7, open Start menu from the task bar and type Internet options in the search box, then find it on the list and click it. If you are using Windows XP, follow this article to open it.

Step 1. Open Internet Options windows.

Step 2. Switch to Security tab and click Restricted sites.

Security tab - Restricted sites
Security tab – Restricted sites

Step 3. Click Sites button. blacklisted blacklisted

Step 4. Add these 2 addresses:

Step 5. Close all Internet Options windows and restart Skype.

 2) By changing the hosts file

Step 1. Open hosts file from %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\.

Step 2. Add the following lines to the end of the file: * * *

3) By changing language file

Step 1. Go to Tools -> Change Language -> Edit Skype Language File.

Step 2. Navigate to s_LANGUAGE_NAME (around line 129).

Step 3.Change the string to something else that is arbitrary (for instance, “NoAds”).

Step 4. Click “Save As…” and save the file to what you named it (for instance “NoAds.lang”).

Step 5. Finally, make sure this language is selected as the current language in the Tools -> Change Language menu (if it isn’t, click the “Open Skype Language File” to load it).