Dispensers in Minecraft


Dispenser image
Dispenser image, from Minecraft wiki

General info

Dispensers are special blocks powered by redstone. If right clicked, a menu with 9 slots will popup. That is were you can put items that it will shoot/drop. Each time when it gets activated by redstone circuitry or trapped chest, it drops a random item from it’s inventory. Dispensers resemble furnaces and droppers, but all three blocks have different uses and crafting recipes. Furnaces cook food and ores, but droppers only drop things. They have no exceptions, like dispensers do.

Dispenser’s blast resistance equals 17.5, and hardness is 3.5. It is renewable and stackable(64) and can be mined with a wooden pickaxe or better. Dispensers first appeared in 1.2 Beta. It’s decimal ID number is 23. They can dispense liquids and suck them in only if an empty bucket is placed in their inventory.

What do they do

The exact action of a dispenser depends on the items contained in it. It’s default action is to eject items 3 by 3 blocks away if on level ground. There are some exceptions.

Exception 1. Heads and pumpkins will be placed in the front of the dispenser, rendering them unable to drop more items.

Exception 2. Command blocks will be placed with commands entered in them.

Exception 3.

a) Arrows, Fire Charges, Chicken Eggs, Snowballs, Splash Potions, Bottles o’ Enchanting, and Firework Rockets are fired out like the right-click action of the items carried by a player.

b) Arrows fire from block height 2 and above will be fired 10 to 21 blocks away from the dispenser.

c) Chicken eggs and snowballs break with most of the usual effects. If they hit a mob they will only inflict damage but not knock the mob back; it is unclear is it a bug or not.

d) Fire Charges will become fireballs of the same type as Blaze fireballs and will continue in a straight line (though the line may be at an angle from the dispenser). Upon being dispensed, the fire charge will make the same sound as Blazes and Ghasts when they launch their projectile. However if used by the player, it makes the same sound as Flint and Steel.

e) Spawn Eggs will result in the corresponding mob being created with its feet in the block directly in front of the dispenser, with no initial velocity.

f) Minecarts and Boats will be placed (as their entity form), but only if the dispenser is placed above water (for boats) or on a rail (for minecarts).

g) Water and lava buckets will place water and lava source blocks. Water and lava source blocks will also be taken if there is an empty bucket inside. Water won’t be placed if the dispenser is in Nether.

h) TNT will be placed and ignited with no obvious forward velocity. However, when they are dispensed, they may be moving at a very small rate in a random direction before falling straight down. Thus, if you try to drop TNT using a dispenser above a one block by one block hole, the TNT will have a good chance of narrowly missing the hole. Because of this, extra caution must be used in delicate machines requiring TNT and dispensers nad player should try to make 2×2 hole.

i) Flint and Steel will ignite fire in front of the dispenser consuming one durability.

j) Bone Meal will be used on the crops it is pointing at.

k) Armor will be equipped on a player from 1 block away.

How they dispense/shoot items

All dispensed items drop in random direction. When a dispenser drops an item it emits a clicking sound. If it’s inventory is empty and is triggered, it emits the same sound at a higher pitch.

They work underwater, but are activated only by placing a redstone torch next to them. A mob killed by a dispenser won’t drop any XP. Dispenser is also triggered by placing and opening a trapped chest next to it. They naturally spawn only in jungle temples with bunch of arrows in them.

My opinion

My opinion on dispensers: I use them mostly for creating effective traps and for shooting arrows or fireballs from a hidden place. They can be well used for securing a hidden base, for instance. Someone enters your base and gets shot by a bunch of arrows, fireballs and eggs.

How to install Extended Visualizations Mod(XVM) in WOT

What is XVM?

XVM – extended visualization mod is a battle interface modification for WOT. It is completely free and licensed under the GPLv3 license. You can install it either manually or automatically.

1. Automatically

This way XVM is installed by an automatic installer that detects WOT’s install directory. In this tutorial I’ll use the one provided by LaCourgette.

XVM Updater
XVM Updater – main screen

Step 1. Download XVM Updater from the link above and run it.

If you don’t want to change any options, jump to step 3. If you want to change some of them, proceed to the next step.

Step 2. XVM Updater will automatically detect where WOT is installed, so you can safely ignore that. Enable player stats display will, if checked, tell XVM to show players WN8, their battle and other stats. Show win chance in the game is something I would check because it shows chance to win in percent for the highest tier. Keep old XVM configuration file is used only if you have XVM already and you have changed xvm.xc file. If you have not, leave it unchecked. Choose the desired version and in the Configuration drop down choose a predefined configuration or just choose default.

Step 3. Click Install / Update button and that’s it! You have successfully installed XVM.

2. Manually

Decided not to use the automatic installer and do it the dirty way? If so, let’s start!

Step 1. Go here and download the latest stable version.

Step 2. Unzip the file to your WOT’s installation directory.

For advanced configuration, open the readme-XX.txt file in your language.

Premium tanks in WOT: Advantages and disadvantages

In World of Tanks, there are 2 types of tanks: regular/non-premium and premium. So, what is the difference? Regular tanks must be unlocked by using XP and must be bought using credits. Premium tanks don’t need to be unlocked by using XP, simply because they are not in any tech tree line. They stand aside in the tech trees, glowing yellow. They also don’t exist in all tiers, but do exist in all 5 classes in all nations(light, medium and heavy tanks, tank destroyers and SPGs).

Sexton II
Example British tier III premium SPG in the tech tree

Premium tanks have nothing to research, and logically, they start at the ‘Elite’ status. They are also commonly used as crew trainers, because there is no penalty for changing crews of the same vehicle class, but there is for changing nations and classes. In other words, you can put Hetzer‘s crew into E-25 for increased training, but not, for instance, T-15‘s. They make about 20% more credits than regular tanks, making them quite useful for credit grinding. Best tier for money grinding is tier 6+. Their performance is better than a stock tank of the same tier and class, but not as good as the fully upgraded one.

An owned premium tank show in tech tree
An owned premium tank shown in tech tree

There are 61 premium tanks (26 are gift tanks or are not available in the game store) out of 291 total. Premium tank with the lowest gold price(5 gold) is T-44-122, a Soviet tier 7 medium tank. However, it is very hard to play it, because of it’s reload time(16 seconds, 3.75 RoF). It’s currently not available in the game store. Tank with lowest gold price that is available in the game store is American tier II T2 Light. It has the worst rear armor in the game, but amazing top speed(72 km/h).