Change your computer’s CPU name

If you want to prank your friends or you are just bored with your current CPU, you can change your CPU name by changing the registry!

Disclaimer: Do not do this if you are not an experienced user because you can easily screw something up.

Step 1. Create a new text file somewhere and call it ‘cpuname.reg’.

Step 2. Open it and paste the following text:

Step 3. Edit “YourNewCPUName @ 50 GHz” to something you want, but keep the quotes around your new name.

Step 4. Create a new shortcut and enter this as the location:

and replace the template with the real location on your computer.

Step 5. If you are using Windows XP, go to:

or go to

if you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Remember to replace UserName in the snippet above.

Step 6. Copy and paste the shortcut to the Startup folder.

This way, every time your computers starts, cpuname.reg is going to be executed and Windows will show your new CPU name, instead of the real one.

If you want the changes immediately, execute the .reg file and click Yes.

How to disable hardware and usage data collection in UE4

Unreal Engine 4 is a free next-gen engine. Free comes at a price – it collects hardware and usage data and sends them encrypted to Epic Games (makers of Unreal).

If you do not want to send data back to Epic(or your game(s) require no data gathering), you can disable data gathering. Here’s how:

Step 1. In the directory where UE4 source is compiled, search for ‘EngineAnalytics.cpp’ and open it.

Step 2. Search for ‘bShouldInitAnalytics’ and set it to false.

Step 3. Recompile the editor.

Alternatively, if you have got the pre-built version, search for ‘UE4-AnalyticsET.dll’ and rename it (or delete it).